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Paper Sack Tube Making Machine

The multi-layer Kraft paper sack machine is newly designed to solve environment pollution and conform to Green Environmental Protection. It uses printed roll paper and can complete the steps with automatically tube-forming、side-glue、cutting、impressing、outputting and so on. The machine is an ideal equipment for paper handle tube bag、chemic bag、food packaging bag and applies to a wide range
The machine can adjust the tube length without change the gear and have the function of color-marking tracking

1) Bag length: unlimited
2) Bag width: 400-600mm;
3)Raw Material:70-140g/m2;
4) Raw Material Width:620-1250mm;
6)Total power:11KW
7) Total Paper: 2-4;
8)Total weight: 5000 kg
we could customize our machine to meet your especial requirement

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